Flashplayer alternatives revisited

25 04 2013

Like already said in the previous post, the flashplayer nowadays is a real resource hog. Unfortunately, I ran into quite some problems in using the afore mentioned alternative Linterna Magica. Luckily there are more alternatives around, and one of them is Viewtube. Also a userscript that basically does the same as Linterna magica, but aparently with a lot less hassle.

Link: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/87011


Watching Youtube on legacy hardware with Linterna Magica

13 02 2013

Boy did the Internet became a resource hog.

Only three years back you could  kinda watch lowest quality youtube on a Pentium II 200 MHz with Firefox 2.x flash 7.xx using PULP 0.1.

Nowadays we are at Flash 10.3 (actually we are at version 11., Firefox 18.0 and a Pentium III 1000 MHz is chocking on 240p Videos under Lubuntu 12.04, they are hardly watchable. Forget fullscreen mode. WebM (html 5 video), the new kid on the block is such a resource hog that I get a framerate of about one every 1,5 seconds. This is not funny. Even if Lubuntu uses almost 10 times more RAM to show the desktop than PULP 0.1, it still is nowhere near of maxing this computers memory out, which is at 512 MB RAM.

The bottleneck seems to be the flashplayer itself. The free alternatives like Gnash are even slower. so you got to look elsewhere. A quick Internet search came up with Linterna Magica, you can get it there: http://linterna-magica.nongnu.org/

Linterna is a userscript that replaces the flashplayer with you have as a video plugin, like e.g. gecko media player (mplayer based), vlc, totem or xine. All those video players are much more resource friendly than the flash plugin. Follow the extensive installation guide on their webpage and you are good to go. The end result is that you will be able to watch youtube with 360p video fullscreen on a P III 1000 MHz smoothly. Mission accomplished…

Frei erhältliche Seekarten im Netz

9 03 2010

Seekarten sind meist teuer. Nichtsdestrotz kann man einige Seekarten von einigen Hydrographischen Ämtern kostenlos und legal herunterladen. Einige der unten stehenden Seekarten können direkt in OpenCPN verwendet werden, andere müssen noch ins KAP- Format konvertiert werden.

Rasterkarten: http://www.charts.noaa.gov/RNCs/RNCs.shtml
Vektorkarten: http://www.charts.noaa.gov/ENCs/ENCs.shtml

Neuseeland (Die Vektorkarten sind leider verschlüsselt- man muß deshalb die heruntergeladenen tiffs in KAP Dateien umwandeln):

Brasilien/ Antarktis:

Südchinesisches Meer:

Weltweit- wenn auch noch in der Entwickung:

Moving on to PULP 0.1

16 02 2010

Behold, the new version of PULP is finished, as usual, download the .doc file and delete the .doc from the filename to get a propper iso- fle.


If the above link doesn’t work – try this:


md5sum: ac752579e2a40b0f2e87401534fa5beb PULP_0.1.iso.doc

I think the included apps are a bit more useable than the ones in the last versions. A lot more attention was payed to bling, but see for yourrself:


Some internet applications:

Picture viewer:

Have fun,


Opening doc files in PULP with style

12 10 2009

To be frank, the support for .doc fiels in PULP is not great, just antiword is a bit stale. Instead of installing a resource hog like Abiword or even openoffice you can use antiword to convert the .doc file into a pdf which then can be viewed in xpdf.

This can all be handeled by a tiny script.

I found the method here:


The script is the following two lines:
LANG=“bs_BA“ antiword -a a4 „$1“ > ~/.doctmp.pdf && xpdf ~/.doctmp.pdf && rm ~/.doctmp.pdf

Store the script in /usr/bin or something under the name docview
and run it with this command:
docview nameofwordfile.doc

Viewing .doc files doesn’t get any faster than this.

You can also change the way the .doc files are handled in emelfm and you can view .doc files in style with just a single click.

PULP on rapidshare

12 10 2009

On popular request the ISO- file is now on rapidshare.

md5sum: 6A630A82E966EA5F030E08528636ADC4
Could be downloade10 times.
The firefox plugin DownThemAll is a very good download manager with resume, accelarator and whatnot.
Highly recommended when downloading stuff.

Found a new file host

4 06 2009

The days of downloading the PULP_003.iso from wordpress.com and having to rename it are finally over.

The new download link is:


The md5sum still is: 6a630a82e966ea5f030e08528636adc4

Should the link above not work, you might try the original download link at: