PULP 0.03 is out

4 05 2009

Just finished PULP 0.03.

I started from scratch and did a complete rewrite.

The first version had a lot of dead weight because I tried out a lot of applications during the building process. After the uninstalling them, a lot of garbage seemed to be left behind and I ended with lots of libs and stuff nobody really could use anymore.

Some applications didn’t make it into this version eg. wordgrinder, xhippo, cmus etc. Mostly because on second thought I realized that I wouldn’t use them anyways. Also, a lot of proggies were redundant (pfind- gtkfind etc.). Nano is out, the stock MP console editor is just fine.

Ted and wordgrinder are gone, but Siag office is now onboard.  It’s somewhat more complete than Ted.

I left firepup out. Firepup is a firefox 1.5 with security updates up to version 3.0. Curtesy of tuuxxxx (puppy linux forum member).

To compensate this I now give you firefox 2.0 compiled with gtk 1.2. It’s just as fast as firepup. I got this firefox from here. I had to use flash version 7 with it, because anything newer would crash this firefox. It’s not the newest flash player, but don’t worry though, youtube plays just fine. Considering the computers this puplet is aimed at, flash player is a non- essential anyways. I included a plugin for downloading flash videos. They can be viewed with mplayer offline, a lot less resource hungry way.

The new image viewer is xzvg. Fewer bells and whistles than xnview, but hopefully not closed source, couldn’t find a project homepage. Faster than xnview, too.

For pdf- viewing I included xpdf 3.1. renders not as nice as newer versions but is faster.

The games section has shrinked a bit.

Last but not least, PULP is much nicher to look at now. I made a new jwm theme. It looks a bit vistaish. To be frank, I’m not sure it’s the new theme, probably I just got used to the ugliness of X and gtk 1.2 apps.

Since I heavily edited the jwm config file, the gui configurators don’t work no more. You have to configure your themes by hand. Follow this guide- it ain’t that hard. The theme config file is jwmrc-theme and can be found in /root/.jwm/ . You can also replace jwmrc-theme with some of the preconfigured themefiles in /root/.jwm/themes.


PULP 0.03 rename the .doc to .iso as usual.

md5sum: 6a630a82e966ea5f030e08528636adc4  pulp_0.03.iso




5 responses

5 05 2009

I have tried to download this a few times since version 002 but keep ending with less than the right size.

Could you check what is the problem?

Thank you.

John S

5 05 2009

Hm, it worked when I tested it last night.
To be frank, wordpress is not the best place to host an iso-file (or a 90 MB .doc- file-ggg). But so far I haven’t found a propper file hosting service.
Have you tried a download manager?
In puppy you could try:
wget https://flusslinie.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/pulp_003.doc
from a console.
wget will resume after loosing connection.

9 10 2009

I cant download it … download always stops and this host doesnt support resuming. please upload it to another host like 4shared or rapidshare etc.

12 10 2009

I uploaded it to rapidshare, see the post from 2009/10/12.
Cheers, Christian

7 05 2011
Roberto Romero


Pulp 03 works fine on my old Pentium II

But do not know how I can add a Spanish dictionary to the word processor that is in Pulp?

Could someone tell me how to make

For your time and response, thanks.

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