Opening doc files in PULP with style

12 10 2009

To be frank, the support for .doc fiels in PULP is not great, just antiword is a bit stale. Instead of installing a resource hog like Abiword or even openoffice you can use antiword to convert the .doc file into a pdf which then can be viewed in xpdf.

This can all be handeled by a tiny script.

I found the method here:

The script is the following two lines:
LANG=“bs_BA“ antiword -a a4 „$1“ > ~/.doctmp.pdf && xpdf ~/.doctmp.pdf && rm ~/.doctmp.pdf

Store the script in /usr/bin or something under the name docview
and run it with this command:
docview nameofwordfile.doc

Viewing .doc files doesn’t get any faster than this.

You can also change the way the .doc files are handled in emelfm and you can view .doc files in style with just a single click.




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